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You see it all the time.  The man that is surrounded by a crowd.  A man that seems to be the life of the party.  The man that is the first to be asked important questions.  The man that has a beautiful woman by his side.   We all have been envious individual and find ourselves asking, “Why can’t we be this man?”

The answer is simple.  You too can be this man, but it does require a bit of development and work on your part.   Once this transformation is complete, you will be an alpha male.

Why do you want to be an alpha male?

Simply put, alpha males…

Are Leaders-Their strong personality propels them to the head of the class.  They are not following the paths laid down by others.  Rather, they are creating paths which others hope to follow.  These leaders are often sought out for advice, knowledge, and expertise by both women and men.  Women witness this pursuit as concrete evidence that the alpha male is of high value.  In turn, women are eager to prove their subsequent value to these men.

If others are willing to follow you, you must be doing something right.

Additionally, alpha males are aware that they are leaders, but they are appreciative and respectful to the ones that have helped elevate them to this position.  A leader is an intelligent individual.  They are aware that their “followers” are important to their value.  Alpha males will work to ensure that these individuals remain close to them.

Advice:  Become a leader in some area of your life.  It does not necessarily need to be in your occupation.  Once you find your leadership role, exploit it.  Make sure you include your leadership experiences in  your game.

Are Confident, But Not Cocky-Alpha males are actually a reflective sort.  These confident men are aware of their strengths and areas of growth.  They certainly understand that not everyone is perfect.  With this being said, alpha males are great at accentuating their strengths and addressing their areas of growth.  This continuous self improvement process builds a strong sense of confidence within the alpha male.  Additionally, the reflection on the areas of growth creates feelings of humility which are important to the game of men.  Alpha males walk a thin line between confidence and cockiness.  A sense of humility allows the alpha male to stay in a place where their confident nature does not become overbearing.

Alphas are confident in all of their abilities.  Whether it comes to their ability to solve a puzzle or their skills in a street fight.  They believe in themselves and will take any challenge head-on.

Advice: Perform a self-reflection.  Find your strengths and share these in your approaches with women.  Find your areas of growth and address them accordingly.  Remember, women like a confident man but not a confident man with extreme vanity.

A Risk Taker-Alpha males are aware that luck is not an option and opportunity certainly does not knock (at least often).  They are go-getters.  Men who make things happen with their words and actions.  They are responsible for their succes because they are not afraid to take a risk.  Even at the expense of failure.  Failure is not in the vocabulary of the alpha male.  Instead every opportunity, every risk taken is a learning experience which will make them stronger no matter the outcome.

Along the same lines, when these risk takers take on a challenge, they do not quit.  They work at it and work at it and work at it some more.  Success is the only outcome they will accept.  This approach is contagious and leads to other individuals noticing and following in kind.

Advice:  Be confident.  Do not be someone who is conservative.  Being conservative will not win the hearts of the ladies you are seeking.  In fact, if you are not a risk taker, you are probably not talking to the women you want to be meeting.

A Learner-An alpha male acknowledges that they do not know everything.  They have not been to every exotic place in the world.  They are not aware of every current event.  But, they are willing to learn about them.  Intelligence is an aphrodisiac.  Alphas are aware of this notion and use it to their advantage.  With every opportunity, they are taking mental notes and becoming stronger and stronger mentally.

Advice:  Become an autodidact, an individual that teaches themselves.  The Internet is a beautiful creation.  There is a plethora of information at your fingerprints.  Use it to your advantage.

Are Unique and Distinguishable- You can see the alpha male a mile away.  They are the one with the bold tattoo, the wild sunglasses, or the fashion that seems to be a step ahead of everyone else.   Simply put, there is something different.  Something special to these strong willed males.

Additionally, you do not have to be a bodybuilder, but let’s be honest.  Individuals that are in good shape catch the eyes of the fairer sex.  Get to the gym and learn how to build the body that represents the alpha male.

Advice: Live a little…explore the latest trends and fashion.  Exploit it.  Do something or wear something that you are not accustomed to on a regular basis.  This shows confidence and it can do wonders for you.  As an aside, I recently got a upper arm shoulder tribal tattoo that symbolizes confidence.  I am not regretting it for a second as it is not only a conversational piece, but it has given me confidence, and it has set me apart from other men.

In conclusion, we can all be the alpha male.  Some stronger than others, but nevertheless, alpha males.  When you develop this persona, you will find that your attractiveness and seductive skills will improve tenfold.

What are you waiting for Mr. Alpha?

And remember, always act like you have been there before.

Face It: Alpha Males Dominate The Dating Game
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  • Andrew Austria

    Great article! However, I’m not sure how much I agree with getting a tattoo purely because it’s a conversational starter or that it sets you a part. A tattoo should have more meaning than that…to each their own though.